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  • Polygard Brake and Clutch Cleaner 5L From Workshop Plus

    Polygard Brake Cleaner 5L

    Description:POLYGARD Brake Cleaner 5L is a highly effective cleaning solution designed for the thorough degreasing and cleaning of mechanical parts. It is adept at removing oil, brake fluid, grease, and other forms of dirt from metal components. This product is particularly useful in automotive maintenance, effectively eliminating dust from brake and clutch parts and restoring the friction of brake and clutch lining material. Its fast-acting formula is also capable of removing protective coatings from replacement disks quickly and efficiently, leaving no residue behind. Key Features: Volume: Supplied in a 5-litre bottle, providing ample quantity for multiple applications. Fast-Acting Formula: Quickly cuts through oil, grease, and grime, leaving metal parts clean and residue-free. Safe on Components: Effectively cleans clutch plates and critical brake parts without leaving any harmful residue. Dust Suppression: Specially formulated to suppress harmful dust from brake and clutch linings, enhancing safety and cleanliness. Benefits: Restores Efficiency: Helps in restoring the friction of brake and clutch lining materials, crucial for optimal performance. Prevents Contamination: Eliminates brake squeal and clutch slip caused by contamination, ensuring smooth operation. Asbestos Dust Prevention: Aids in avoiding airborne asbestos dust, which is beneficial for health and environmental safety. Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of applications, including taxi maintenance, automotive repair shops, and DIY car maintenance. Applications:POLYGARD Brake Cleaner is essential for anyone involved in the maintenance and repair of automotive vehicles. It is particularly effective in cleaning brake and clutch components in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Its powerful degreasing properties make it suitable for a variety of mechanical and industrial applications where cleanliness and efficiency are paramount​


  • Polygard Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 400ml From Workshop Plus

    Polygard Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 400ml

    Description:POLYGARD Brake and Clutch Cleaner is a potent 400ml spray designed for the effective cleaning and degreasing of mechanical parts. It effortlessly removes oil, brake fluid, grease, and other contaminants from metal parts, ensuring optimal performance. Key Features: Powerful Degreasing: Efficiently cleans and removes grease, oil, and brake fluid from metal parts. Safety Enhancing: Eliminates dust from brake and clutch parts, restoring their friction and preventing airborne asbestos dust. Residue-Free: Leaves no residue, ensuring clean and efficient operation of brake and clutch systems. Benefits:Improves safety and reliability of brake and clutch systems by restoring friction and eliminating hazardous dust.

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