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  • Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro inc. SD Card From Workshop Plus

    Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro inc. SD Card

    Description: Enhance your driving experience and ensure your safety with the Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro, available at WorkshopPlus. This advanced dash camera captures high-quality footage in Real FHD 1080P (1920x1080 @30fps), providing clear and detailed recordings. Key Features: High-Quality Footage: Record in Real FHD 1080P for sharp and detailed videos at 30 frames per second. Included 16GB Micro SD Card: Supplied with a 16GB Micro SD Card for convenient storage of your recorded footage. 6G Glass Lenses: Utilizes 6G glass lenses with a 12.0MP 170° A+ grade ultra-wide-angle to capture a broad view of the road. 3-Inch Rear Screen: View your footage on the 3-inch rear screen, which automatically shuts off during recording. Night Vision: Equipped with strong night vision capabilities for clear recordings in low-light conditions. Additional Features: Includes motion detection, file locking, parking monitor, HDMI port, and G force recording system. Automatic On/Off: The dash cam automatically turns on when you start your vehicle and off when you stop, ensuring convenience. Benefits: The Smart Vue Dash Cam HD Pro not only enhances your driving safety but also provides additional features for added security. Whether for daily commutes or longer journeys, this dash camera is a valuable companion that can capture important evidence in case of incidents.


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