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  • 25ft 10mm (3/16") Copper Brake Pipe From Workshop Plus

    25ft 10mm (3/16") Copper Brake Pipe

    Description: The 25ft 10mm (3/16") Copper Brake Pipe is an essential component for automotive brake systems. This 7.5-meter-long, 22 gauge pipe is seamless and easy to flare, bend, and install. It is 100% electronically tested for internal cleanliness and conforms to BS EN12449, ensuring high standards of safety and performance. Key Features: Length and Size: 25 feet (7.5 meters) long and 10mm (3/16") in diameter. High-Quality Copper: Made from durable and malleable copper, allowing for easy shaping. Compliance with Standards: Meets BS EN12449, ensuring safety and reliability. Seamless Design: Ensures integrity and strength, ideal for brake systems. Easy Installation: Can be flared and bent as needed, simplifying the installation process. Benefits: This Copper Brake Pipe is crucial for any automotive repair or restoration project. Its high-quality construction and compliance with safety standards make it a reliable choice for brake system repairs. The ease of installation and the pipe's flexibility allow for a precise fit, ensuring optimal performance and safety in vehicle brake systems.


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