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  • White Toilet Rolls 95mm wide x 40 rolls by Workshop Plus

    White Toilet Rolls 95mm wide x 40 rolls by Workshop Plus

    Description: Choose Workshop Plus for your restroom essentials with our White Toilet Rolls. This package includes 40 rolls, each boasting a width of 95mm and containing 200 sheets per roll. Elevate your hygiene standards with these soft and absorbent toilet rolls suitable for various settings. Key Features: Generous Quantity: The package comprises 40 rolls, ensuring a lasting and reliable supply of toilet rolls for your convenience. Optimal Width: With a width of 95mm, these toilet rolls provide a comfortable and effective solution for daily use. 200 Sheets per Roll: Each roll is equipped with 200 sheets, offering durability and value for your restroom needs. Benefits: Workshop Plus presents these White Toilet Rolls as a practical and essential choice for maintaining cleanliness in your restroom facilities. The generous quantity and optimal features make these rolls suitable for commercial spaces, workshops, and more.


  • Zigzag Paper Towel Dispenser

    Zigzag Paper Towel Dispenser

    Description: The Zigzag Paper Towel Dispenser is a convenient and efficient solution for dispensing paper towels in various settings. Designed for ease of use and practicality, this dispenser is an ideal addition to kitchens, bathrooms, workplaces, and other areas where quick and hygienic access to paper towels is essential. Key Features: Compact Design: The dispenser features a compact and space-saving design, making it suitable for installation in various environments with limited space. Zigzag Paper Towel Compatibility: Specifically designed to accommodate zigzag paper towels, ensuring compatibility and efficient dispensing. Easy Refilling: The dispenser is designed for easy and quick refilling of paper towels, reducing downtime and ensuring a continuous supply. Hygienic Operation: Users can easily access paper towels without direct contact, promoting hygienic practices in shared spaces. Durable Construction: Constructed from durable materials, the dispenser is built to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting functionality. Versatile Application: Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, workshops, and other areas where paper towels are needed for cleaning or hand drying. Benefits: The Zigzag Paper Towel Dispenser offers a practical and hygienic solution for providing paper towels in various settings. Its compact design, easy refilling mechanism, and compatibility with zigzag paper towels make it a convenient choice for maintaining cleanliness and promoting good hygiene practices in shared spaces.


  • White Paper Zigzag towels - Box of 3000 (20 packs of 150) approx size 9.5x9" From Workshop Plus

    White Paper Zigzag towels - Box of 3000 (20 packs of 150) approx size 9.5x9"

    Description: Elevate your hygiene standards with Workshop Plus's White Paper Zigzag Towels, available in a convenient box of 3000 (20 packs of 150). These high-quality towels, approximately sized at 9.5 x 9 inches, offer efficient and hygienic hand-drying solutions for various settings. Key Features: High-Quality Material: Workshop Plus ensures top-notch quality with these White Paper Zigzag Towels, providing a reliable and absorbent hand-drying experience. Convenient Packaging: The box contains 20 packs, each containing 150 towels, making it easy to distribute and manage your supply. Optimal Size: With an approximate size of 9.5 x 9 inches, these towels strike a balance between usability and efficient hand drying. Benefits: Choosing Workshop Plus for your paper towel needs guarantees a supply of quality White Paper Zigzag Towels. The convenient packaging and optimal size make them suitable for a variety of environments, from workshops to commercial spaces. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene effortlessly with these reliable paper towels.


  • 2 Ply White Paper Roll Wipes 360M x 28 cm - 2 Pieces

    2 Ply White Paper Roll Wipes 360M x 28 cm - 2 Pieces

    The 2 Ply White Paper Roll Wipes are a versatile and practical cleaning solution for both industrial and domestic use. Each roll measures 360 meters in length and 28 centimeters in width, providing a substantial quantity for various cleaning tasks. This pack of 2 rolls is ideal for heavy-duty wiping, offering strength and absorbency. Key Features: Large Size: 360M in length and 28 cm in width for extensive use. 2 Ply Thickness: Ensures strength and absorbency for effective cleaning. Bulk Pack: Contains 2 rolls, suitable for high usage areas. Versatile Use: Ideal for industrial, commercial, and household cleaning. Easy Dispensing: Can be used with standard roll dispensers for convenience. Benefits: These White Paper Roll Wipes are essential for environments where frequent and efficient cleaning is required. The 2-ply construction offers reliability and strength, making them suitable for a range of tasks from wiping down surfaces to mopping up spills. The bulk packaging ensures you always have a sufficient supply on hand.


  • 2 Ply Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls - 12 Pieces From Workshop Plus

    2 Ply Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls - 12 Pieces

    The 2 Ply Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls are designed for use in busy restrooms, such as in offices, schools, and public venues. This pack contains 12 rolls, ensuring a consistent supply for high-traffic areas. Each roll offers 2-ply thickness, providing a comfortable and effective cleaning experience. Key Features: Quantity: Pack of 12 rolls, ideal for bulk use. 2 Ply Comfort: Offers a soft and absorbent bathroom experience. Jumbo Size: Larger rolls mean less frequent replacement. Suitable for Public Use: Ideal for high-traffic restrooms. Hygienic Packaging: Each roll is individually wrapped for cleanliness. Benefits: These Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls are a cost-effective solution for maintaining restroom hygiene in high-use areas. Their 2-ply thickness provides comfort and efficiency, while the jumbo size ensures long-lasting use, reducing the need for frequent replacements. They are perfect for busy venues where maintaining a high standard of hygiene is essential.


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