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  • 10M Fuel Hose - BS Approved in Various Sizes From Workshop Plus

    10M Fuel Hose - BS Approved in Various Sizes

    The Fuel Hose, available in sizes of 10mm x 10M, 4.8mm x 10M, 6mm x 10M, and 8mm x 10M, is a BS-approved product designed to meet the high standards required for safe and efficient fuel transfer. Ideal for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications, these hoses are suitable for transporting various types of fuel under different conditions. The variety in sizes ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of equipment and vehicles, making them a must-have in professional garages, workshops, and industrial settings. Key Features: Size Variety: Available in 10mm, 4.8mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameters, each extending to 10 meters. BS Approval: Complies with British Standards for quality and safety. Durable Material: Constructed to resist wear and withstand fuel chemicals. Versatile Application: Suitable for different types of fuel and a range of vehicles and machinery. Ample Length: 10-meter hoses provide sufficient reach for various setups. Benefits: This range of Fuel Hoses is perfect for professionals requiring reliable and safe fuel transportation solutions. Their compliance with BS standards assures quality and safety, while the variety in sizes ensures that there is a hose suitable for almost any fuel-related requirement. Whether for automotive repairs, machinery maintenance, or industrial applications, these fuel hoses provide the durability and flexibility needed for efficient and safe operations.

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  • Heater Hose 5/8" 1M From Workshop Plus

    Heater Hose 5/8" 1M

    Heater Hose, measuring 5/8 inch in diameter and 1 meter in length, is a robust component designed for use in automotive heating systems. Suitable for conveying hot coolant between the engine and the heater, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's internal climate. The hose's high-quality construction ensures it can withstand the demanding conditions of automotive coolant systems. Key Features: Appropriate Size: 5/8 inch diameter, compatible with a variety of heating systems. Sufficient Length: 1 meter, allowing for flexible installation. Resistant to High Temperatures: Capable of handling the heat involved in coolant systems. Strong and Reliable: Constructed to endure pressure and wear. Automotive Application: Perfect for the repair and maintenance of vehicle heating systems. Benefits: The 5/8 inch Heater Hose is a key component for anyone involved in automotive repairs and servicing. It provides a reliable solution for replacing or maintaining heater hoses in vehicles, ensuring the effective operation of the heating system and enhancing the comfort of vehicle occupants.

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