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  • Warning Triangle EU Approved by Workshop Plus

    Warning Triangle EU Approved by Workshop Plus

    Description: Ensure your safety on the road with the Workshop Plus EN Approved Warning Triangle. This kit includes 1 folding warning triangle and 1 carry case, providing a convenient and compliant solution for signaling potential hazards. The lightweight and foldable design makes it easy to carry, offering peace of mind during emergencies. Key Features: EN Approved Warning Triangle: Meets European safety standards, ensuring reliability and compliance with road regulations. Folding Design: Allows for easy setup and storage, providing a compact solution that fits neatly into the included carry case. 1 x Carry Case: Keeps the warning triangle protected and organized, making it readily accessible when needed. Lightweight: Easy to carry, making it a practical safety accessory for your vehicle. Workshop Plus Quality: Trust Workshop Plus for high-quality safety equipment designed to meet professional standards. Benefits: The Workshop Plus EN Approved Warning Triangle is an essential addition to your vehicle safety kit. Its folding design and lightweight construction make it user-friendly and easily portable. Stay prepared on the road with this compliant and reliable warning triangle.

  • Self-Adhesive Warning Triangle From Workshop Plus

    Self-Adhesive Warning Triangle

    Description: The Self-Adhesive Warning Triangle is a single-use, essential safety accessory designed for various applications such as marking hazardous areas, signaling caution in workplaces, or as a safety reminder in garages and workshops. Its bright green, red, yellow, and white colors, along with the universally recognized triangular shape, make it highly visible and effective for conveying caution and awareness. Key Features: Size: 16cm x 16cm x 16cm High Visibility: Bright green, red, yellow, and white colors, and clear triangle shape for effective warning. Self-Adhesive Design: Easy to apply on multiple surfaces without the need for additional fixatives. Versatile Use: Suitable for a range of safety applications in different environments. Durable Material: Resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting visibility. Single Unit: Convenient for specific, one-off safety requirements. Benefits: This Self-Adhesive Warning Triangle is a simple yet effective tool for enhancing safety and awareness in various settings. Its ease of use and high visibility make it an ideal choice for a quick and efficient way to highlight potential hazards or important safety information.

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