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  • Hacksaw Blades - 300mm - Pack of 20 From Workshop Plus

    Hacksaw Blades - 300mm - Pack of 20

    20 Hacksaw Blades, each measuring 300mm, is an essential addition to any toolkit for cutting and shaping tasks. Ideal for workshops, garages, and construction sites, these blades are designed for precision and durability. Their standard size ensures compatibility with most hacksaw frames, making them a versatile choice for various cutting requirements. Key Features: Standard Size: 300mm blades fit most hacksaw frames. Pack of 20: Ample supply for continuous work and replacements. Precision Cutting: Designed for accurate and efficient cutting. Durable Construction: Made to withstand rigorous use in different materials. Multi-Use: Suitable for cutting a range of materials, including metal and plastic. Benefits: These 300mm Hacksaw Blades are perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who require reliable and precise cutting tools. The pack of 20 ensures you always have a sharp blade at hand, increasing productivity and maintaining high-quality results in your work.


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