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  • Red Ear Defenders - Suitable for Up to 40db Noise From Workshop Plus

    Red Ear Defenders - Suitable for Up to 40db Noise

    Red Ear Defenders - Suitable for Up to 40db Noise from Workshop Plus are designed to offer effective hearing protection in noisy environments. These ear defenders are ideal for use in automotive workshops, construction sites, and other high-noise areas. The adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit for all users, making them suitable for prolonged use. Key Features: High Decibel Protection: Effective noise reduction up to 40db. Adjustable Comfort: Headband adjusts for a secure, comfortable fit. Durable Design: Built to withstand regular use in tough environments. Vibrant Red Color: Highly visible for safety compliance. Benefits: Workshop Plus's "Red Ear Defenders" are essential for protecting hearing in high-decibel environments. Their comfort and effectiveness make them ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who require reliable hearing protection.

  • Sealey Disposible Ear Plugs - 100 Pieces to EN352-2 From Workshop Plus

    Sealey Disposible Ear Plugs - 100 Pieces to EN352-2

    Description: Sealey Soft Disposable Ear Plugs, available in a pack of 100 at Workshop Plus, are designed to provide effective hearing protection in various environments. These ear plugs comply with EN352-2 standards, ensuring reliable performance and safety. Key Features: Pack of 100: Each pack contains 100 soft disposable ear plugs, offering an ample supply for hearing protection needs. Complies with EN352-2: These ear plugs adhere to EN352-2 standards, guaranteeing their effectiveness and safety for hearing protection. Benefits: Sealey Soft Disposable Ear Plugs, available in a pack of 100, are a convenient and reliable solution for maintaining hearing safety. Whether used in industrial settings, workshops, or other environments with noise exposure, these ear plugs offer comfort and compliance with industry standards.


  • Sealey Ear Defenders From Workshop Plus

    Sealey Ear Defenders

    Description: Sealey Ear Defenders, available at Workshop Plus, are lightweight yet rugged ear protection devices designed to offer effective protection according to BS EN352.1 standards. With a Sound Reduction Rating (SNR) of 30dB, these ear defenders ensure optimal comfort and safety in noisy environments. Key Features: BS EN352.1 Compliant: These ear defenders meet the standards set by BS EN352.1, assuring users of their efficacy in providing protection against high noise levels. Adjustable Swivel Cups: The ear defenders feature adjustable swivel cups, allowing users to achieve optimum comfort and safety. Foldable Design: The arms of the ear defenders fold in for easy storage, providing convenience when not in use. Fully Approved: Sealey Ear Defenders are fully approved for use in various working environments where protection against high noise levels is essential. Benefits: Sealey Ear Defenders from Workshop Plus offer a reliable solution for individuals working in environments with elevated noise levels. Their lightweight and foldable design enhance convenience, making them a practical choice for maintaining hearing safety.

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