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  • Grimeez Multi-Purpose Wet Wipes - Tub of 150 From Workshop Plus

    Grimeez Multi-Purpose Wet Wipes - Tub of 150

    Grimeez Multi-Purpose Wet Wipes, presented in a convenient tub of 150, are an excellent solution for quick and efficient cleaning in various settings, including workshops, garages, and industrial sites. These heavy-duty wipes are specially formulated to handle tough dirt, grease, and grime, making them an essential tool for professionals who require a fast and effective cleaning option. The large quantity ensures a lasting supply for consistent usage. Key Features: High-Efficacy Formula: Effectively cleans a wide range of substances, including grease and grime. Large Quantity: 150 wipes per tub, ensuring prolonged availability for frequent use. Strong and Durable: Wipes are robust enough to handle tough cleaning tasks. Convenient Packaging: Tub design allows for easy dispensing and storage. Multipurpose Application: Ideal for cleaning hands, tools, and surfaces in various professional environments. Benefits: The Grimeez Multi-Purpose Wet Wipes are indispensable for maintaining cleanliness in busy workspaces. Whether it's wiping down tools or cleaning up spills, these wipes offer a practical and reliable cleaning solution, enhancing hygiene and efficiency in any professional setting.

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