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  • Pop Rivets - 100 Pieces From Workshop Plus

    Pop Rivets - 100 Pieces

    Description: Pop Rivets, a pack of 100, are essential fasteners available in various sizes to cater to your specific needs. These rivets are versatile and suitable for different applications, providing a secure and durable fastening solution. Key Features: Pack of 100: Each pack includes 100 pop rivets, ensuring an ample supply for your fastening requirements. Size Options: Available in multiple sizes, including 3.2 x 12mm, 4 x 12mm, 4.8 x 13mm, 4.8 x 19mm ( large flange), and 4.8 x 25mm, offering flexibility for various projects. Versatile Fastening: Ideal for joining materials, these pop rivets are suitable for construction, automotive, and DIY applications. Durable Material: Crafted from durable aluminium, these rivets provide a reliable fastening solution. Benefits: Pop Rivets in a pack of 100 with size options ranging from 3.2 x 12mm to 4.8 x 25mm offer versatility and convenience for your projects. Whether you're working on metalwork, sheeting, or other applications, these rivets ensure a secure and efficient fastening process.

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