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  • Blanking & Wiring Grommets 240 Pieces From Workshop Plus

    Blanking & Wiring Grommets 240 Pieces

    Workshop Plus offers a comprehensive set of 240 Blanking & Wiring Grommets, an essential item for any professional garage or automotive workshop. This extensive collection is designed to protect and manage wiring in vehicles, safeguarding electrical systems from damage and wear. These grommets are ideal for blanking off holes and providing smooth pass-through for wires and cables, ensuring a neat and professional finish in all types of automotive repairs and installations. Key Features: Extensive Variety: A 240-piece set, providing a wide range of sizes and types for different applications. High-Quality Material: Durable construction that resists wear, tear, and environmental elements. Protection for Wiring: Shields cables from sharp edges and prevents chafing and damage. Easy Installation: Designed for quick and secure fitting, enhancing workshop efficiency. Workshop Plus Standard: Recognized for high-quality and reliable automotive workshop supplies. Benefits: Workshop Plus's Blanking & Wiring Grommets are invaluable for maintaining the integrity of vehicle wiring. Whether for upgrades, repairs, or custom installations, these grommets ensure that cables and wires are protected and neatly organized. The variety in this set ensures that automotive professionals are prepared for any wiring scenario, contributing to both the safety and aesthetics of their automotive projects.


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