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  • FFRP2S Dust & Filter Masks (20 Pack) From Workshop Plus

    FFRP2S Dust & Filter Masks (20 Pack)

    The "FFRP2S Dust & Filter Masks (20 Pack)" from Workshop Plus offers essential respiratory protection in environments with dust and particulates. These masks are ideal for use in automotive workshops, construction sites, and DIY projects where dust and small particles are present. The pack of 20 ensures you have a ready supply for various tasks. Key Features: Effective Filtration: Designed to filter out dust and particulates. Comfort Fit: Lightweight and comfortable for prolonged wear. Pack of 20: Ample supply for continuous use in dusty environments. Essential Safety Gear: Provides necessary respiratory protection. Benefits: Workshop Plus's "FFRP2S Dust & Filter Masks" are crucial for maintaining respiratory health in dusty work environments. They provide effective protection, ensuring that you can work safely and comfortably in conditions where airborne particulates are a concern.


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