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  • Brown Paper Floor Mats x 250 by Workshop Plus

    Brown Paper Floor Mats x 250 by Workshop Plus

    Description: Protect your workspace with the Workshop Plus Brown Paper Floor Mats, a pack of 250 mats, each measuring 490mm x 365mm. These high-quality mats offer a reliable solution for keeping your floors clean and free from dirt, debris, and potential damage. Manufactured to Workshop Plus standards, these mats are durable and suitable for a variety of applications. Key Features: Multipack Convenience: The Workshop Plus Brown Paper Floor Mats come in a pack of 250, ensuring an ample supply for extended use and multiple projects. Optimal Size: Each mat measures 490mm x 365mm, providing generous coverage and protection for various work areas. Versatile Application: Ideal for workshops, garages, and automotive settings, these mats effectively capture dirt and prevent damage to floors. Benefits: Keep your workspace clean and protected with Workshop Plus Brown Paper Floor Mats. The multipack offers long-lasting convenience, and the generous size ensures effective coverage for various applications. Whether in a workshop, garage, or automotive setting, these mats provide an easy and efficient solution to maintain cleanliness. Choose Workshop Plus for quality you can trust. Order the Brown Paper Floor Mats pack of 250 (490mm x 365mm) today and enhance the cleanliness and durability of your workspace.

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