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  • Compact LED Worklamp 12-36V From Workshop Plus

    Compact LED Worklamp 12-36V

    The "Compact LED Worklamp 12-36V" from Workshop Plus is a robust and versatile lighting solution designed for the dynamic environment of automotive workshops and garages. This compact worklamp provides bright and efficient LED lighting, suitable for a voltage range of 12-36V. Its durable construction and powerful illumination make it ideal for a variety of tasks, from detailed work to illuminating larger areas. Key Features: Bright LED Lighting: Offers clear and powerful illumination. Wide Voltage Compatibility: Suitable for 12-36V systems. Compact and Durable: Easy to position and built to last. Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of automotive tasks and environments. Workshop Plus Reliability: Known for high-performance automotive tools and equipment. Benefits: The "Compact LED Worklamp 12-36V" enhances visibility and precision in all types of automotive work. Its compact size allows for easy positioning, while the bright LED light ensures that every detail is clearly visible, improving the quality and efficiency of work in any automotive setting.


  • 12-24V Universal LED Rear Light Clusters From Workshop Plus

    12-24V Universal LED Rear Light Clusters

    The Universal LED Rear Light Clusters are a 3-function lighting solution designed for vehicle safety. Measuring L150 x W27 x H80mm, these clusters feature stop, tail, and indicator lights with an integrated reflex reflector. They are IP67 waterproof rated and surface mounted with a 300mm cable connection. The Glo trac LED design improves vehicle visibility, and they are ECE approved for road use. Key Features: Multi-Function: Combines stop, tail, and indicator lights for comprehensive vehicle signaling. Enhanced Visibility: Glo trac LEDs ensure improved visibility for safety. Waterproof Rating: IP67 rated, offering protection against water and dust ingress. Easy Installation: 2 bolt surface mounting with a 300mm cable for straightforward installation. Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles with 12-24v systems. Benefits: These LED Rear Light Clusters are a vital upgrade for any vehicle, enhancing safety and visibility on the road. Their multi-function capability ensures that all necessary rear light functions are covered. The waterproof design makes them suitable for all weather conditions, while the universal fit allows for a wide range of vehicle applications. Whether for commercial, recreational, or personal vehicles, these light clusters provide reliability and peace of mind.


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