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  • GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray - 400ml From Workshop Plus

    GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray - 400ml

    Description: Keep your machinery and equipment running smoothly with GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray, available in a convenient 400ml can. This versatile lubricant is formulated with PTFE for enhanced performance, ensuring effective lubrication, rust protection, and water displacement. Ideal for various applications, from automotive to workshop machinery, GT85 is the go-to solution for maintaining optimal functionality. Key Features: 400ml Can: Workshop Plus offers GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray in a practical 400ml can, providing ample lubrication for your equipment. PTFE Formulation: Formulated with PTFE, this lubricant offers superior performance in terms of effective lubrication and protection against rust and corrosion. Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, machinery, and workshop equipment, making it a versatile and essential lubricant. Smooth Operation: GT85 ensures smooth operation by reducing friction, preventing wear, and extending the life of your machinery. Water Displacement: The formula includes water-displacing properties, offering protection against moisture and corrosion. Benefits: Choose GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray for a reliable and versatile lubrication solution. With its PTFE formulation and convenient 400ml can, this spray ensures smooth operation and protection against wear and corrosion. Trust Workshop Plus for quality and performance. Order GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray - 400ml today and experience the efficiency of this multipurpose lubricant for your workshop and machinery needs. Brand: Manufactured under the reputable WD-40 brand

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