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  • Life Hammer With Cradle From Workshop Plus

    Life Hammer With Cradle

    Life Hammer with Cradle is an essential safety tool designed to provide a quick and effective means of escape in emergency situations, particularly in vehicles. This life-saving device is equipped with an integral blade for cutting seatbelts and a sturdy hammer for breaking windows. The included storage cradle ensures that the Life Hammer is easily accessible when needed, making it a crucial addition to any vehicle's safety equipment. Key Features: Emergency Escape Tool: Designed for rapid escape from vehicles during emergencies. Seatbelt Cutter: Equipped with an integral blade for cutting seatbelts. Window Breaker: Features a sturdy hammer for breaking windows. Storage Cradle: Includes a convenient storage cradle for easy access and secure mounting. Safety Essential: A must-have safety tool for vehicles, ensuring quick response to emergency situations. Benefits: The Life Hammer with Cradle is a vital safety device that can potentially save lives in critical situations. Whether you're trapped in a vehicle due to an accident or other emergency, this tool allows you to swiftly cut through seatbelts and break windows for a safe escape. Its inclusion in the storage cradle ensures that it's readily available when needed, providing peace of mind and enhanced safety on the road.

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