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  • Quixx Scratch Repair System From Workshop Plus

    Quixx Scratch Repair System

    QUIXX SCRATCH REPAIR SYSTEM Scratches in your car's paintwork are inevitable over time. The QUIXX Repair System is a reliable solution to swiftly and effectively eliminate scratches, small marks, and scuff marks from all paint finishes, including metallic surfaces. Key Features: Suitable for all paint types, including metallic finishes. Compatible with all colors, including black. Effective on painted plastic parts like panels. Awarded by BMW: The only scratch remover to receive recognition from BMW. Two-step Process: Utilizes special polishes for addressing both slight and deep scratches. Restores Lustre: Leaves your paint finish shining with a renewed lustre. TÜV Proven: QUIXX is the world's first scratch remover for paint finishes with TÜV certification, ensuring its effectiveness and safety. How to Use: Apply Quixx Polish (No.1): Cover the scratched area with Quixx Polish and, using a circular motion and applying pressure, polish the area for 1-2 minutes with a clean cotton cloth. Use QUIXX Finish (No.2): Polish the area to a brilliant shine using QUIXX Finish. Benefits: Easy Application: Follow the simple two-step process for effective scratch removal. Enhanced Value: Restores your car's paint finish, contributing to the maintenance of its value. Proven Effectiveness: TÜV certification attests to the scratch remover's effectiveness and quality. Environmentally Friendly: Meets high standards for environmental compatibility. With QUIXX, witness the disappearance of scratches and the resurgence of your car's paintwork to a pristine condition.


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